Additional topics


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is nowadays very frequently use word. Basically it means optimizing source code for Google crawler, Yahoo crawler, and all other artificial intelligence. All these optimization our e-shop already has. But successful e-shop is not only about quality SEO. You should focus on internet propagation and here are a few steps.

Place link to e-shop on your website. If it is possible try place link to your e-shop on some forum, magazine, blog, facebook, etc. Every back-link leaded from external site to your e-shop is positively rated by internet crawlers like Google, Yahoo, ...

PR Articles

Write some PR article about new e-shop, new products in catalogue, new sales, actions, etc. and place this article on some PR websites, magazines or blogs. Some of them are free and you can place article without any fee some of them are commercial.

Hold competition

It is very good practice hold competition on some foreign web like facebook, forum, ... Into the competition insert that competitor must have valid registration on e-shop. Thanks it you can very easily retrieve many new register customers and you can send them periodically newsletter.


Insert flash / image banners on some site. We offer to all our dealers flash banners for free. You have to just contact us via contact form for more info. Bellow are samples of offered banners.

Customer collection

It is very important collects customer to your customer database. Because more customers = more potential orders. When you launch e-shop our customer database will be probably empty so you have to register customers handy. But it is important because customer will be automatically informed about registration by e-mail.


Next good practice is sending periodically newsletter to your customers. Our e-shop native support sending newsletter, more info about newsletter you find in documentation – newsletter. Do not underrate newsletter, it is very good business tool for increasing visit rate of your page and also profits.


Understanding catalog and e-shop control is base milostone for every potential customer. Our e-shop and catalog is translated to few languages like English, Czech, Polish, Italian, Spanish, ... but Europe is big continent and people talk here by dozens languages. Creating translation to whole e-shop include catalog is pretty expensive. But we offer to all our dealers engine based translation by Google Translate for free. Yes we know that engine based translation is not the best way but it is very good starting point and you can eventually create corrections and improve translations later. Google Translate translates to many languages, please visit Google Translate page to check if your language is supported. And if your language is supported contact us via contact form and we make understood about translation.