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This part of page covers in detail all available modules in the application. The whole documentation is divided into separate parts which describes each module. Each part contains except the text as well screenshots, diagrams, etc. For now the documentation is available only in English version.

You do not understand English?

Try Google Translator. Google Translator is an online translating machine. It can translate to a variaty of languages. For example if you want to translate from English into German, visit the page http://translate.google.com and copy the URL address from address bar of your browser into the translator text-area (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Google Translator
Figure 1: Google Translator

As source language choose English and as destination language choose German. Then click to "Translate" button and after the successful translation click to the link (Figure 2). You should see the translated page. Machine based translation is not 100% perfect translation, but it can help you to understand the bottom line.

Figure 1: Translate link
Figure 2: Translate link

Documentation parts:

Each link leads to the separate page with documentation covered given topic.